Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dropped off...

I dropped Marley off at the pet grooming salon a little before noon today. She really needed a haircut. It's definitely about time that I took her in, but I left with an interesting feeling...I felt like I was a mom dropping off my baby at daycare!! "Will she be ok?" "How will her haircut turn out?" "Is she going to be sad when I leave?" She was shaking and unsure when I left her there. It made me sad!! I know, I know...dogs are not people, but sometimes it feels like she's my kid! Silly I know! I am going to pick her up in about an hour...hopefully the haircut will turn out well!! I will post another blog soon telling how it looks and even upload pics if I can. I took a before pic from my phone and will take an after shot, too. Hopefully, my baby is ok! :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

So excited!!!

So, Marley has started this thing...Every time she gets excited she gets a little too excited and pees! I've gotten to the point where I have to end up watching her closely when I get home or she'll start peeing. Yesterday, I had been gone for a while and when I got home she was so see me. She was jumping up on me and acting crazy. I picked her up to calm her down and that's when I felt it...something run down my leg! She had gotten so worked up when she saw me that she had actually peed on me!! I couldn't believe it! To say the least...I was very grossed out! It wasn't that she need to go out, it was just that she had gotten worked up! I guess if I have someone in my life that gets that excited when I walk in the door to actually pee all over their self, I'm pretty blessed! lol :) Hopefully she will learn to control herself soon, because this is not my favorite trait of hers!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What a nice day...

It's days like these that I hate to be cooped up in my apartment! It's beautiful outside! The sun is shining and it's 56 degrees outside! Marley loves going on walks. The only problem is she doesn't quite understand that I'm the leader and she must follow me. I guess that all goes back to training her. I have a problem disciplining her. I would rather spoil her than discipline her. I need to learn how to train her to walk properly. It's very important for me to teach Mar to walk by my side, not in front of me almost pulling me down the path. One way to do so is to keep treats in my pocket and to reward her for obeying. Walking is very good for Marley. This allows her and I to develop our relationship...I know that sounds funny, but it's true! It also allows her to get her exercise, which she needs. So, next time I take her on a walk, I'll be sure to post about how it goes!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Toy

So, I got Marley a new chew toy recently. This picture shows her old rope, which was destroyed by Marley, so it had to be thrown away. I decided that I was tired of her chewing on everything that she shouldn't so, I decided to take matters into my own hands and try to solve the problem...a new chew toy seemed like the right answer!! I bought her a rubber least I think it's rubber. It is supposed to clean her teeth while she chews on it...kill two birds with one stone, why not?! As soon as I unwrapped it and gave it to her, she seemed interested. She, of course, had to smell it to make sure she liked it and then she couldn't stop chewing on it. She loves it!! If I am able to get it out of her mouth, I like to throw it across the room and watch her jump up to get it. She is constantly looking and sniffing for it if it somehow gets out of her sight. So far, it seems to be working...she hasn't chewed up anything else lately. I guess, I will find out how she did today when I get home soon!!