Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dropped off...

I dropped Marley off at the pet grooming salon a little before noon today. She really needed a haircut. It's definitely about time that I took her in, but I left with an interesting feeling...I felt like I was a mom dropping off my baby at daycare!! "Will she be ok?" "How will her haircut turn out?" "Is she going to be sad when I leave?" She was shaking and unsure when I left her there. It made me sad!! I know, I know...dogs are not people, but sometimes it feels like she's my kid! Silly I know! I am going to pick her up in about an hour...hopefully the haircut will turn out well!! I will post another blog soon telling how it looks and even upload pics if I can. I took a before pic from my phone and will take an after shot, too. Hopefully, my baby is ok! :)

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