Saturday, March 13, 2010

So excited!!!

So, Marley has started this thing...Every time she gets excited she gets a little too excited and pees! I've gotten to the point where I have to end up watching her closely when I get home or she'll start peeing. Yesterday, I had been gone for a while and when I got home she was so see me. She was jumping up on me and acting crazy. I picked her up to calm her down and that's when I felt it...something run down my leg! She had gotten so worked up when she saw me that she had actually peed on me!! I couldn't believe it! To say the least...I was very grossed out! It wasn't that she need to go out, it was just that she had gotten worked up! I guess if I have someone in my life that gets that excited when I walk in the door to actually pee all over their self, I'm pretty blessed! lol :) Hopefully she will learn to control herself soon, because this is not my favorite trait of hers!!

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