Monday, January 25, 2010

Dog Training...Um, we'll see...

So, don't get me wrong...Marley is not a bad dog, but she could use some improvements. There are a few things that she improve on...chewing, jumping up, barking, and leash pulling are just a few. I found a dog training book that I've decided to try out. As I read through it, I will blog about Marley's progress. Chapter 1 is about why dogs act the way they do. They do not misbehave with the intention of "being bad." They obviously do not know any better. It is necessary to train your dog to make better choices. First, you must teach them to pay attention. One way to do that is to monitor your tone of voice. You should use firm tone when you are correcting them and a pleasant upbeat tone when you are complimenting their behavior. Also, rewarding good behavior always helps. The reward must be consistent, whether it be a treat, a pat on the head, or complimenting words. This week I will put these things into practice. I already treat Marley when she behaves well, but I will work on being consistent. Hey, ya never know...she could be the best trained dog when I'm done! We'll have to see!

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