Thursday, April 29, 2010

Being away...

So, I've been away from my apartment for the last few days. I've taken a new babysitting job and had to stay overnight with the kids a few nights. This means that when I'm away, Marley misses, but really, she does! My great roommate took care of her while I was gone. I stopped in a few times to let her out or to grab something. I could definitely tell that she did not understand why I was gone. After I was gone the first night, I came back the next morning to get ready for class and she was so excited to see me. As soon as I let her out of her kennel, she jumped up on me to get my attention almost if she was saying..."Mom, Mom!!! Where have you been? Pay attention to me!!" And I did. She has always been a clingy dog, but when I was home for the first time all week last night, she curled up close and stayed next to me while I was relaxing in front of the tv. It's nice have a constant thing in your life that actually cares and jumps up to see you when you come home. She always does that doesn't matter if I've been gone 15 minutes or 8 hours, she always meets me at the door! Now, that's nice! :)

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