Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chewing problem...

Ok, so Marley's little chewing problem has not exactly gotten any better. She really enjoys chewing on my personal items...not so fun for me!! I bought her a chew toy a while ago and that seemed to help for a while, but lately she has gotten much worse. Since this is becoming such a problem, I decided to explore why she may be doing this. There are many possible reasons. She may not have learned as a puppy not to chew. Since she was almost one when I got her, that could be it. She's bored, wants attention, is fearful or could be suffering from separation anxiety. She usually does this when I'm not in the room, so she possibly may be upset that I'm not there. I need to learn to manage the situation and make the items unavailable to her. It's also important to get her toys that she can chew on and make them appealing to her. I could also soak them in things to make them appetizing to her. Honestly, that sounds like too much to me. I'm going to keep the things that I don't want her to touch, out of reach and give her toys to chew on. She should get the idea eventually, right?!

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